The Pole Garage Galway – Ennis

Pole Fitness and Dance Studio


Leaders of Pole Fitness in the West of Ireland.

With a growing community at our studio, our mission at The Pole Garage is creating a fun fitness experience that is both supportive and rewarding, maintaining the results and goals you set out to achieve!

Being the motivator for you, we feel it is our job to push you that little further out of your comfort zone to help you grow and achieve your health & fitness goals within the body and mind. While you will still develop at your own pace! 

We listen and want to understand each and every person, so that we can do our very best for you. We know that everyone is not the same.

We are internationally recognised! Experts in alternative fitness classes and we are proven to sustain the best results here at The Pole Garage.

Excellent customer service – class plans – Support – Long term results – Long lasting friendship.

Adding the finest facilities for a top quality experience!

Our members come to our studio feeling at home and leave again feeling revived and energized. 



Our core value is creating a supportive community experience. Retaining highly qualified instructors who pride themselves with knowledge and passion. 

Leading a positive mindset to bring into the world.

Creating a family like atmosphere.

A support network, even when you leave the studio! We understand how hard motivation can be, especially if your pole fitness journey is completely new to you.

Together is better!

Building a supportive community means the most to us!


If you are fed up and feeling frustrated with constantly

starting and stopping ineffective workouts or diet plans that just don’t make you look or feel they way you want, then let us help you!

We are fully dedicated to our members success! Recognized to create the best programs, classes, results and experience for all our clients.

Our instructors are pole fanatics who have commit full time to emerge as a highly qualified expert so that you can be satisfied and enjoy a safe, effective, fun group workout in a supportive community environment, to become the best version of yourself physically and mentally! Helping people transform how they look, feel and move through life.