My name is Joana , I am 34 . I started being interested in trying pole the first time I saw a pole dancer called Anastasia Sokolova do a routine with a Marylin Manson song. Being a huge metal fan and watching what she could do I was absolutely amazed .

About 8 months ago , I was looking for fitness  classes that might appeal to me as I hate the classes that normally normal gyms have ,lets be real, a place that needs small tellys on their machines to distract you ,are obviously boring.

I came across The Pole Garage through facebook and contacted Racheal .

After my first class I was hooked and payed my first membership.

The first week I went to all the classes from beginners , power pole ,flexibility and was surely wrecked but happy…my addiction started that week.

For me pole has been a discovery of myself and the things my body can do , also a form of therapy. You see , my life is overwhelming sometimes as I am a carer for my son and also suffer from anxiety . Pole allows me to focus my stress and frustration on the things I am learning and on my own artistic side and desire to be better , to do better .

I started with no strength at all and now every time I learn something new and can do a new move I feel empowered ,I am stronger than I was before and have muscle in places I didn’t know existed .

My teacher Racheal is also amazing ,she really pushes you out of our comfort zone and pushes us to be better and try new things , while also keeping it real and human and we become part of a really supportive community that encourages us in the journey that is pole.

Pole has become a great part of my life and something that I am sure I will never give up , the more I do it the more I love it and since I started pole I finally stopped my anxiety medication which for me is a great deal .

I was very happy to get the member of the month diploma and I am really excited to keep my pole journey going and see where it takes me .

A big thank you to my teacher is also needed as she is a very supportive and amazing person : Thank you Racheal 😊



The Pole Garage Galway has been my sanctuary and happy place since starting classes in March of last year. I’ve tried lots of different hobbies and types of exercise and never I’ve experienced the rush of endorphins people speak about until I found the Pole garage Galway.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
o be patient and know when I need to rest. It is such a fun way of “exercising” although I’m hesitant to even call it that, as it never feels like that. I never imagined being able to do headstands, hang upside down or feel at all graceful until I started pole dancing. It has taught me to let go of fear and trust myself. Even when you fall down you always get back up again and keep trying.

Racheal is not only a beautiful dancer but also a wonderful person and teacher who has created a safe, loving and supportive environment for us students at the Pole Garage Galway. She is always there to help and support when we need it. I could never imagine life in Galway without my classes in the evening. They make my day that much brighter! I can’t recommend or praise classes with Racheal enough.

Siobhra -Galway. Ireland

For a long time I have been wanting to tell you thank you…I started your classes almost a year ago now and in that time you’ve taught me not just how to twist and twirl myself in contortions I never thought possible but your classes have made me feel stronger as a woman and as a person, proud of my more powerful body and happier standing around in my pants too! I love how you make the impossible possible and the confidence it gives us all. I started the class struggling with making new friends and feeling really self conscious: not just in pole class, but in everyday life. It’s helped me realise that I *can* do it – whatever ‘it’ is, once you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything….even Superman (well, almost!).<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

– Anonymous. Co. Clare. Ireland

I’ve tried other forms of exercise and have always got board before any results can be seen. That is most definitely not the case with pole #riverislandsize10’s, Racheal is constantly pushing you and you are constantly learning new things. It’s tough but I love it.

-Ruth. Galway, Ireland.


started pole with Racheal back in Oct 16. It was always something that looked really fun and so impressive!

And maybe looked a little easier (or a lot!) than it actually is!! 🙂 But Racheal always explains each exercise really well, making it achievable to do.

I love pole as a form of exercise as you’re learning something new constantly and there is always a goal or a new move. I need variety in my life as I get bored very easily so the variation in class along with the craic with Racheal and the other members keeps me thinking and learning all the time!!

– Sarah. Galway, Ireland.


I began taking pole classes in November 2016 partially out of curiosity and partially because I wanted to be stronger and be proud of my body after years of struggling with continuous weight loss and gain. If you asked me then, where I would see myself 5 months from now I couldn’t have imagined the changes and progress that happened in that time. The first few classes were tough but getting the hang of it came quickly. I really enjoy coming to pole class to build on what I’ve learned and have fun in an setting that feels more like a family than a formal lesson. I look forward to learning new spins and working on inverted poses in the next few months at the pole garage.” I will be sad to leave behind my pole family when I head home to Canada and I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned and the confidence to continue on at a new studio”

– Amanda – Canada.


fter my pregnancy I wanted to lose some kg. I love to dance and I have always been a confident person. After my baby, my body had changed and I lost some confidence after becoming a mum. I have been taking pole classes for 10 weeks now, it makes me feel free on Fridays for an hour. It nice to have some time just for me. These classes always make me smile,  I love the dance, the challenging and the feelings, it has loads of benefits I love it. It make me to smile every day that I go there. And as a mum it is my best way of get my free time, I really love it. I was very nervous I didn’t know anyone at first, but now I have made some new friends and they are mum’s  too, just like me. Racheal is really really good teacher I couldn’t find an other better than her. I would recommend for anyone to try pole for fitness.

-Sandra – Ennis, Clare.

Pole is the best class I’ve ever signed up for. What I really love about these classes, is the environment. Everyone just wants to help each other and see each other doing well. It’s such a supportive environment. And I love the sense of achievement you get when you master a new move! It keeps you fit, challenges you both physically and mentally and have fun at the same time. I’ve always been fairly self conscious but thanks to pole I’ve learned to accept my body and appreciate it so much for what it can do. When I first started pole I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage new tricks or spins as I had no upper body strength or I thought I would look silly in front of everyone else, but now when I hear we are going to learn something new, I can’t wait to give it a go. There is always something new to work on or improve that I never get bored. I was so nervous about taking my first pole class. It was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried I wasn’t fit enough but after talking to the rest of the girls in the class, I realized that everyone else felt the same. I am definitely more confident and happier in myself since starting pole. Racheal is a brilliant teacher she always brings a vibrant energy and a positive attitude to her classes. I hope that when I’m 70 I’m still spinning around a pole because I have no intentions of giving it up. Once you become part of the pole community you wont want to leave.

-Erin – Ennis, Clare.

Racheal’s classes are truly fantastic, if you’re looking for a way to keep fit, have fun and let your hair down all at the same time, then I highly recommend signing up! Racheal really gets the class going with great music and a positive attitude! One thing that always strikes me about these classes is there is something about the people that train in pole fitness; there is a real vibe of encouragement and support throughout the classes. Racheal has a certain knack of guiding a warm up that really gets you in the mood for dancing and ready for a challenge. You can be guaranteed she will have a new trick or spin for you to try in every class. Racheal herself is a super talented pole dancer and performer and has a great skill in breaking down and demonstrating moves. No matter how tired or stressed I am going to class, I always leave feeling pumped and hanging for more. Pole is the perfect way to tick all the fitness boxes; tone up, increase flexibility, have fun and sweat! It’s a chance to experience a new challenge, meet new people, learn a new skill, try something a little different and boost your confidence. Pole also offers huge variety so there is definitely something to suit everybody. If you’re tempted, you won’t be sorry you tried!

-Sarah – Ennis, Clare.

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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in signing up for pole classes. I recently relocated to Ennis and would love to try this out! I am curious on how to get started. Thanks!


  2. Hi Makailah,
    You are very welcome to join us.
    Please email – or call us on 0858488258.
    We will be happy to provide all info and get you ready to start.
    Have a lovely day.
    – The Pole Garage Team.

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