6 tips to find the exercise you love. 

03 Oct

How to avoid becoming an exercise drop out.

It takes motivation to start and developing a habit to keep it up. I hope you can take away and try some useful tips to break the mentality that exercise is punishment. We often make excuses… I’m too tired, too busy, or just have no motivation… you haven’t found the exercise you love yet. We hope you find the right exercise for you, studies have proven obesity levels in Ireland are growing and are set to be higher in the oncoming years. So lets make a change to make exercise part of our lifestyle, not just something you ‘have’ to do. 


How do you find an exercise that you love?

Its recommended that you are trying something for at least a month and after you will have a fair idea if its for you or not.

Try theses 6 tips to find the exercise you love:

  1. Try a new class, ask for options, if there are introduction, trial period or class passes available. 

  2. Bring a friend along, you and your friend can help keep each others motivation going and you will feel bad if you back out, so it will kinda make you go. Nobody wasn’t a to be a bad friend. ?

  3. Build a habit. Write your exercise times down in your daily to do lists. This will help to form a habit. According to research, Monday is the best day to start, as will build high motivation for the week ahead.

  4. Pick a day and time and stick to it each week to help form the habit.

  5. Make it convenient for you, the more its convenient for you, the easier it will be to go and do it.

  6. Be patient with results, real results take time, effort, focus and consistency. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


I hope to inspire, motivate and help you to find an exercise that works for you. To me exercise should be like a child at the playground, it should be really fun! Because if its not fun then you are unlikely to go back and you will never form an exercise lifestyle habit.

The Pole Garage Galway

Benefits of Pole Fitness

25 May

Pole Fitness is a growing sport here in Ireland and Internationally. Its a form of group fitness mainly, but private and semi private lessons can also be requested at your local studio by appointment. Pole Fitness is a lot of fun, people say they don’t even feel like they are doing a work out. 

Its a great way to get your body fit and toned and after having two children, Racheal is walking proof of this!

Taking a Pole Fitness class is also a fantastic social experience, meeting new people, making life long friends. The Pole Community is small but growing rapidly, it’s a very tight knit and supportive community to be part of. You will most likely always meet the same faces at different events, showcases or competitions, which is very comforting.

There is always something new to learn in pole, you wont get bored, there is always room for improvement, like smoothing out that transition or polishing your tricks or spins and mastering them on the other side. 


Benefits of Pole Fitness:

1 Full Body Workout in every class.

2 Good for Bones and Joints.

3 Builds muscular strength, Gain Flexibility for improved range of movement.

4 Burns as many as 600 calories in a one hour, advanced class.

5 Improves co ordination.

6 Increases self esteem.

7 Freedom of self expression.

8 Fun way to experience weight loss.

9 Tones abs, legs, back, gluteal muscles.

10 Promotes good blood flow and its good for the heart.

11 Improves Hip mobility and posture.

12 Community Spirit – make new friends.

13 Self discovery.

14 Promotes a positive body image.

These are some of the few ways in which Pole fitness can benefit a person. It actually has the power to change your life if you let it!

Pole Love –

The Pole Garage – Fitness Dance Studio xx


So you decided to take your first pole fitness class….

03 May


What to expect? 

I teach a lot of beginner pole fitness classes and I am always meeting new students. I even remember my first pole class, back in 2010 in the Radisson Hotel in Galway City.

After my son was born I was over weight. I went from size 8-10 to 12-14 in clothes. I lost my confidence and I hid in over-sized clothes for a long time. So deciding to do something about it, I went looking online and discovered pole fitness. I was amazed and instantly though I have to try! I was so excited and nervous of course, I had no clue what to expect. I signed myself up online and took off to go to my first pole class all by myself.

We started with a warm-up. Then took to a pole sharing with two others at the time. There were only 3 poles in the room. I remember my first fireman spin. It all looked straight forward when the instructor showed us. I tried and was very confused, I went right to the floor. Knowing that it was harder than it looked, it set on a challenge. Using arms, shoulders, legs, feet, co-ordination and some brain power, to figure what went where?

None the less I loved it so much, and I still do. It wasn’t long after I bought my first pole, an X-pole sport (static 45 mm).

Now I am all grown up. I run and teach classes myself. I see a lot of people just like me, come along to try their first pole fitness class and they are nervous and excited too. Trust me, its not as scary as you might think. If its new to you then you have the exciting challenge ahead but the rewarding feeling of accomplishment when you master that trick or spin, it has to be the best feeling ever! Developing a sense of achievement, over coming the fear and realizing that its a really fun way to get fit, toned and flexible. In time you will develop a positive body image that is realistic and not this media image where everyone is perfect, let me tell you, there is no such thing as a perfect person or body!

What I am trying to say is that you learn to love your body for what it can do. You accept yourself as you are and realizing that your body is an amazing machine. I suppose I have gained an appreciation for myself and my body.


pole dance blog photo


Let’s warm up.. We start with a warm-up to loosen the joints in the shoulders, arms, hips, legs and warming the spine. We include active and dynamic stretching, some flow movement and co-ordination. Adding in movement that we will learn in class, so that it’s not so new when the time comes to try it. This is all done to the beat of the music.

Making new friends.. there is normally 2 max to a pole so that everyone gets a chance and has enough time to practice and getting one to one attention from their instructor. Group classes are always the best fun. It is encouraging to have a friend cheer you on.

Feeling the burn.. Getting the feel for new spins and tricks can cause some bruising, which is normal. It can also cause a burn sensation on the skin, but this will go away by the time you learn the next new trick, that sensation will be gone. Beginners normally experience burns on the forearm, back of the knee and feet. By the time the student learns the next trick they will discover that the last one they learned no longer hurts. You will also feel the burn in your muscles for at least two days later. You may feel stiff as is normal with a body weight exercises. Remember to keep a moving so you over come the stiffness and gentle stretching.

You won’t be naked.. I know it can be intimidating stripping off in front of people that you possibly don’t know, but be assured as a beginner you won’t need to bare all. The most exposed will be legs, when learning to climb and sit. And think of it this way, what about Swimmers, Volleyball, Tennis players? They have their legs exposed and nothing is said about them. We need our skin exposed so that we can grip the pole.

Putting it altogether.. We spend some time learning spins, tricks and floor-work, yes floor-work, you might be wondering? As we don’t spend ALL of our time flying around in mid air, its nice to have a break in between and learn some moves on the floor, floor work is fun to play with too. When everyone is feeling comfortable we then take what we have learned and add it to a choreography. This is the part that will make you sweat, like cardio. It will also test your memory thinking what comes next.

Having fun.. The only person that will be watching you is your instructor, so don’t worry about anyone watching you. Everyone is different, don’t compare yourself to anyone. I always tell my students to lift their heads and smile when they try their very first pole walk. Take it at your own pace. Its not boot camp, but if you want to go beast mode, then I will be happy to help you with that!

Cooling down.. After we go trough the fun of dancing and flowing, linking our tricks together. We come to cool down with gentle stretching using the pole in a static stretch. There you have it, you have just completed your very first pole class. Welcome to the pole community.

Pole love from – The Pole Garage xx