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New to Pole? Start in a Beginner Term or Beginner Course.

Beginner Term – is a 4 week course taking one class per week, every Monday at 8pm.

Beginner Course – is a 4 week course taking two classes per week, Thursday at 8.45pm.

Benefits –
You have probably heard many benefits of Pole Fitness and Dance. Some include strength, flexibility, improves memory and co ordination, over all body workout, tones the body, empowerment and confidence. It’s also gives a freedom of self expression! And is great for the mind.
Discover a NEW love for fitness with our experts who know how to apply the correct techniques so that everyone can learn pole and reap the rewards!
Group fitness classes are always buzzing and are lots of fun.

No fitness level required to start. Only the right attitude, patience and willingness to learn.

No shoes are worn, as seen by our fab student Diana above in the photo.

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Morning Pole Fitness

One hour Calisthenic workout.

A mix of our popular strength and conditioning class – Power Pole. On and off the pole we include Pole Fitness.

Half hour – strength exercises. Half hour learning basic pole fitness. Resistance band training. Climbing, lifting techniques, along with pole spins. This class is open to all levels. You can start here!

Wednesday – 10am

Beginner Level 2

Following on from the Beginner Pole Fitness Course, you have completed one month of pole and feel familiar with basic spins, lifts and holds. Strength and body awareness have increased.

At this level the goals are to master an inversion, improve confidence on the pole, develop muscle memory, core and upper body strength with the right technique and controlled movement. A Beginner Pole Fitness Course must be completed to take this class.

Please contact the studio if you are unsure which level you are at.

Tuesday: 8.45 pm

Spin Pole

We train on static pole in most classes. Spin pole requires a different technique and movement. It’s an all levels class. Depending on your level this class will be adjusted according to each person’s ability. Learn to fly with graceful movement, control, balance and flow.

Monday: 6.30pm

Pole Fitness – Inter – Adv Level

You can invert safely and feel confident. By this stage you know that you are a POLE ADDICT. Welcome to our world!

Working toward improving strength and stamina. A range of conditioning exercises, using technique for muscle memory. Mastering a solid aerial invert. Improving stamina and overall fitness level. Each week learning new acrobatic tricks, combos and spins, gaining overall body strength, balance and control.

Beginner Level 3 must be completed to take this class.

Class Time:

Tuesday: 6.30 pm

Balance & Flexibility

Good flexibility improves your Pole progress and mobility in everyday life.
Stretch class for splits. Strength and stretch exercises for shoulders, legs and back. Back bending. Bridges. Russian splits. Scorpions. Inversions. Head and elbow stand on and off the Pole.

Static flexibility – refers to an individual’s absolute range of motion that can be achieved without movement. In other words, how far we can reach, bend or turn and then hold that position.

Dynamic flexibility – refers to an individual’s range of motion that can be achieved with movement. In other words, how far we can reach, bend or turn by using velocity to achieve maximum range of motion.

Flexibility is a great way to switch off, to relax the mind, bringing focus into the body for deeper awareness. Open to all levels of fitness.

Wednesday: 8.45pm & Friday: 10am


Power Pole

Power Pole is a range of calisthenic exercises on and off the pole. Increasing strength and building Core Control working on or improving inversions or perfecting the aerial invert. During this class we work to improve muscular strength, endurance and control. As this improves you will notice that you are able to stay longer on the pole without becoming exhausted.

An Overall body workout, focusing on the core and working all areas from legs, glutes, upper and lower back, abdominal’s, shoulders and arms. Using equipment provided. All levels class!

 Tuesday: 7.45pm

Pole Therapy

Pole Therapy is out lyrical pole dance class.

Open to all levels.

Leave your troubles at the door for one hour for a dancing workout that will make you sweat and clear your mind. No shoes needed. Leggings or socks recommended!

Wednesday: 7.45pm

Pole Dance – Exotic Art

Pole dancing class, learn how to move and co ordinate tricks and transitions, on and off the pole. Unlike our most of our fitness classes, this class is focused on learning a choreographed routine. New routines start each month. This is a perfect beginner level for you to learn Racheal’s exotic style dance. Slow paced technique and combos, that are not too complicated but hypnotising. Learn how to walk, move and dance in shoes and the other secrets to perfect that Dancer line and movement.

Stimulating class for losing weight, increasing core strength and conditioning lower abs and legs. We keep it classy!

Need pads, leggings and shoes are required for this class.

Dancer brand shoes are recommended for this class, such as a (Pleaser…) these shoes are specifically designed for dancing, are safe and lightweight. For any shoe lovers out there, who will agree, they look super pretty.

All levels class!

Thursday: 6.30pm

Exotic Tricks

The focus of this class is to explore different techniques on and off the pole. Exotic Style tricks class incorporating Low Pole Tricks, Handstands and Floorworks including shoulder rolls with a mix of drops and flips. Static and Spinning Pole. Shoes worn. Wear leggings. But Bring Shorts. Must be able to invert to take this class.

Thursday: 7.45 pm

Open Training

The Saturday session is a great time to work by yourself or with a friend!

Guided in a warm up by your instructor. The rest is up to you, to work on what you want to do!

This class is Free for members holding a valid membership.

It’s good time to spend working on a routine or work on your personal goal. Foam roll and stretch if your sore from training during the week. Fun to meet and mingle with other members from different classes.

Tip of the day! It’s a good idea to write down your tricks or spins that you want to work on, so that you have a plan and don’t forget what you wanted to do when you get here.

If your feeling stuck you can always ask your teacher for some help or inspiration.

All levels class!

Saturday: 12pm – 2pm.

Private Training or Semi Private available by appointment!


Tel: 0858488258

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